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Token value rises by 173% during ICO

Jun 14, 2018

Boston University scientists have analyzed more than 4 thousand projects that had ICO conducted since January 2017 till March 2018. The research is showing us that token sales in the first day of stock listing after ICO brings about 173% profit to an investor. This significantly compensate all the investment risks on an unregulated ICO market.


Extreme investor profits can be explained by original token underappreciation: entrepreneurs lack the experience to rate projects' ICO and tend to keep the projected value of their own tokens on the pre-sale stage. Lowering token value is guaranteeing profits for investors even in the worst case scenarios: if the project does not enter the listing within 60 days after ICO investor owned tokens will still rise in value on average for 82%. With ICO market development and major corporations entrance in the field the erroneous token rating factor will gradually disappear which will eventually lower investors profits. Researchers advise to keep note of the media activity of ICO projects: active social media presence significantly raises token value. Every twitter post a project makes raises token price by about 0.3% a day.

What to do with tokens after ICO

The researchers have evaluated token value changes. It turned out that token value continues to grow in the span of months after ICO, which means there is still reason to purchase tokens even when they enter the stock as they tend to rise in value by about 41%-67% in the first 30 days and it is possible for it to continue up to 150%-430% for the next 6 months.

Investments attraction through ICO is popular in the US, Great Britain, and Russia. It is important that the "rule of law" factor barely affects profit sizes, which means that investment in a Russian ICO project does not provide any additional risks for a prospective investor.

We would like to add that Russia currently has a cryptocurrency law in the works that would expand Civic Code to token operations

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