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SIMEX Ethereum exchange share took up more than 50% within the top 5 cryptocurrency exchange stocks in July

Sep 8, 2018

The SIMEX stock exchange has entered the top 5 crypto stocks on the total Ethereum volume exchanged. According to the website Cryptocompare around 3 pm Moscow time on July 25th  SIMEX's share took about 50% of all daily Ethereum exchange deals. The closest competitor, Coinbase, has an exchange share of about 22% with Bitfinex taking the third place with 21%.

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SIMEX's share in total Bitcoin exchange volume at 3 pm Moscow time on July 25th was almost 19%, giving it second place at the time in total daily trading volume. The first place was Bitfinex with just a little bit under 53% with Coinbase taking the third place with 16%

According to Coinmarketcap on July 25th SIMEX'S share in daily trade volume in ETH/USD was about 28% and its share in global ETH exchange volume with all currencies was 2.25%

Source & Full Article: Bloomchain