Deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrency using VISA/MasterCard

Jul 14, 2020

Dear users!

Now you can deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency using your Bank card.

Please read the fees and limits below.


Commission: 3.95%  


  • Maximum transaction amount is €2000
  • Daily account limit €5000
  • Monthly account limit €15,000
  • The overall limit on the account without restrictions
  • The number of card transactions per day: 10
  • Limit of operations per 1 card per month €10000

Unsupported countries: Afghanistan, USA, Bangladesh, Bolivia, South Sudan, Ecuador, Iraq, Iran, Iceland, Kyrgyzstan, Congo, North Korea, Cuba, people's Republic of China, Lebanon, Libya, Kingdom of Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Palestine, Syrian Arab Republic, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Colombia, Algeria, Egypt, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia.


Payments work on VISA, MasterCard, MIR (RUB, USD, EUR) cards. Payments in rubles are only available on Russian Bank cards.

Commission: 2.95%

Limits (EUR/USD): Payments to international Bank cards Visa/MasterCard (EUR/USD) - QIWI Contact.

  • Minimum of 4 USD or 4 EUR;
  • €2500 - maximum amount per transfer;
  • €4800 - total for one day;
  • 5 - maximum allowed operations per day.;
  • €20,000 - total for one month;
  • 50 - the maximum number of operations per month.

Payments in foreign currency do not work on Bank cards of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Limits (RUB):

  • 100,000 RUB per transaction;
  • 500,000 RUB per day;
  • 1.5 million RUB per month.

Unsupported countries (USD/EUR): Argentina, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Sudan, Russia, Syrian Arab Republic, Ukraine, USA, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Vietnam.