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Mazzuma project launches IEO with limited 18% bonus

Jul 30, 2019

Mazzuma - cryptocurrency for global remittances.

Mazzuma is committed to enhancing the payment landscape in Africa to include the unbanked. Mission is to utilize mobile-money and blockchain technology to address the limitations of the banking and remittance industry. Mazzuma, therefore, expanded its ecosystem through the creation of its in-house payment token called MAZ Token.

The token addresses pain points like high transaction fees, inferior proofs of identity and transmission limits. Transactions made on app are instant with a simple user interface which enhances the usability of cryptocurrencies by addressing issues of user experience and slow transaction confirmation times.

IEO First Phase

30th July to 10th August

1 MAZ - $0.8

18% Purchase Bonus 

IEO Second Phase 

12th August to 26nd August

1 MAZ - $0.8

15% Purchase Bonus


After the IEO has been completed and the Mazzuma Token has been listed, the remittance partners will start sending payments globally using the Mazzuma Token. This will drive the growth of the ecosystem and bring positive returns to early token investors.