SIMEX digital assets exchange

About us

SIMEX Digital assets exchange - is one of methods of funding a business, which allows almost any investors, to invest as little or as much as they like, mostly through an online service. Secondary market allows to exit of the deal and fix the result on any stage of implementation of succeed campaign. Is a possibility for direct investment into projects of the real sector of the economy, such as production companies, operating businesses and startups. Most people are wondering where to invest their money. Existing types of investments have different variety of risk. Funds investment through SIMEX platform is implemented into a variety of liquid investment projects that have passed the vote on a platform and are proven on the accuracy of the information provided by platform employees.

Key features

The distinctive features of SIMEX digital assets exchange are:

  • The minimum starting investment amount is 10$
  • Just two clicks to make a deal
  • Secondary market
  • Earn money online without any investments using the affiliate program of SIMEX with the withdrawal of real money
  • Deposit and withdraw money online using most major payment systems, including Visa and MasterCard

Investment shares

Investment shares - these are the core of the SIMEX investment platform. From a legal perspective, an investment share represents the amount that an investor can legally claim in a project. In return for this investment share, the investor also has the right to share in project profits and receive dividends. SIMEX investors can either invest directly in a project or they can purchase shares from other SIMEX investors on the secondary market. In addition, the investor can sell his/her shares on the SIMEX platform secondary market.


The SIMEX digital assets exchange offers investors a safe place to buy and sell investment shares, using a variety of methods to deposit and withdraw funds. The platform ensures that all trades are conducted in a secure and legally protected manner via established procedures. This ensures maximum reliability for the investor, as well as safe financial investments. Prior to registering and making investments using the SIMEX platform, we encourage all users to read the comprehensive legal documents, including the terms of use to be signed.