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WIRE tokens are available for trading on SIMEX

Oct 9, 2018

WIRE tokens issued by AirWire, a social cryptocurrency wallet, are listed on SIMEX Digital Exchange.

What does “social cryptocurrency wallet” mean? AirWire believes that cryptocurrencies have done for the finances as much as  “social media has done for communication”. Following this belief, AirWire links social media to crypto assets combining communicative channels of Social Media and financial instruments provided by the Blockchain technology.

In simple words, AirWire is a platform allowing crypto assets to be sent through existing Social Networks: users just need to select a preferred social media platform and enter the social media username of the recipient.

The AirWire token (WIRE) fuels the AirWire platform. WIREs are required to proceed the transactions via AirWire as far as the platform´s transaction fees can be paid by these tokens. Additionally, WIRE is a cryptocurrency used by the platform when users make transfers to the social media account. What is more, there is a wide range of opportunities how to manage WIRE tokens, for example,  tokens are the mean of payment when using an AirWire debit card.

For more information visit the AirWire website or read the White Paper.

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