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Jade Resources Limited Announces Joint Venture to sell and process of Kazakhstan Jade.

Aug 29, 2019

Jade Resources Limited, Hong Kong Announces Joint Venture to sell and process 2000 tonnes per year of Kazakhstan Jade.

Jade Resources Limited (JRL), the Hong Kong based owner of the Kazakhstan jade project is very pleased to announce the establishment of a Joint Venture (JV) with Chinese company Xinjiang Jade Limited. They key elements of the JV are:

 *   Exclusive five year contract term where the JV purchases a minimum of 2000 tonnes per year of jadeite from the Kazakhstan jade mine

 *   The JV has completed construction of a large jadeite cutting and processing facility in Xinjiang where jadeite ore will be processed.

 *   Luxury products will be jewellery, ornaments, icons, tiles, sculptures and wall features for China and International markets

 *   First jadeite shipments from the mine have arrived at the factory and are being processed and progressive shipments will be made

 *   The JV will provide mining expertise and special cutting and quarrying equipment to the mine to ensure maximum revenue and sustain quality.

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