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RBM tokens are traded on SIMEX digital exchange

Sep 27, 2018

Robomed_SIMEX.jpgRobomed Network, a decentralized medical network managed by the digital token system and smart contracts, lists its tokens (RBM) on SIMEX digital exchange.

Robomed Network applies a Blockchain technology in medicine. The company links the healthcare services providers and patients through smart contracts. RBM tokens were issued to tighten and simplify interconnections between network clinics and customers. Network health care centres accept RMB tokens as a main payment method within the Robomed Network.

Our network is fueled by Robomed tokens, which are used by the medical centres as a method of voting to decide upon the medical standards to be maintained by all providers. <...> Patients can also use these tokens as a form of payment at the hospitals and clinics that are part of the network.” – said Philipp Mironovich, the company’s co-founder.  

Find more information about Robomed Networks and RBM tokes on the official website.

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