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Projects ICO announcement from 06.11 to 06.17.2018

Jun 13, 2018

Here are the 5 most attractive projects that are conducting their ICO from 11 to 17 June 2018 according to Digital Rating Agency analytics.

1. GoNetwork, ICO start — 11.06.2018. Category: Infrastructure. DigRate rating unavailable.

GoNetwork are offering a mobile net architecture as a solution for issues of scaling, high commissions and transaction confirmation speeds in Ethereum network thanks to offchain-transactions which lowers network's workload.

2. Liquidity Network, ICO start — 14.06.2018. Category: Infrastructure. DigRate rating unavailable.

Liquidity Network — another solution for Ethereum network analogous to Lightning Network for Bitcoin. The platform will allow Ethereum wallet owners to use offchain-protocol for payment channels which should noticeably speed up transfer speeds.

3. Emotiq, ICO start — 15.06.2018. Category: Infrastructure. DigRate rating unavailable.

Emotiq — blockchain platform equipped with PoS algorithm created on the basis of OmniLedger protocol for bigger network scaling and data confidentiality. The platform uses sharding technology and proof with zero divulging.

4. FANTOM, ICO start — 15.06.2018. Category: Infrastructure. DigRate rating unavailable.

FANTOM — blockchain platform with consensus based on directed acyclic graph (DAG) that will solve existing scaling issues and transaction confirmation timing on blockchain technology.

5. COTI, ICO start — 15.06.2018. Category: Cryptocurrency. DigRate rating unavailable.

COTI — payment system and a cryptocurrency also employing DAG technology that is aiming to contrast Visa and MasterCard. Momentary secured transfers and commission so low it's almost reaching zero is what the system promises.

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