Investment project information

Investment projects

Today, businesses and individuals looking to raise investment funds have many questions. These include: “Where can I find investors for my project?” “Where can I find funds at acceptable terms?” “How can I legally formalize the investments that are being made?” Large venture capital investors and investment funds often offer unfavorable conditions to smaller projects, or they want to be offered a controlling stake in return for their investment. Yet, despite the lack of available funding, many business owners in the real economy are looking to get quick access to small investments to profitably expand their businesses. To address this, business owners often have no choice but to borrow from banks at onerously high interest rates. At the same time many small- and medium-sized investors are simultaneously looking for opportunities to profitably invest their money. The SIMEX digital assets exchange builds a bridge between the business owners who are looking for funds and the investors wanting to invest. SIMEX is a modern, digital age tool that allows businesses to access funds quickly and reliably to launch their investment project(s).

The SIMEX advantage

SIMEX – via online registration and project placement – allows business owners to quickly submit an investment project or a business expansion plan to a diverse group of investors. If the project is truly interesting or offers great liquidity, you can be almost sure that it will raise funds. A start up can be also placed at SIMEX as well as a venture. The wide SIMEX investor audience ensures that you can test your market niche and determine, at an early stage, how interesting the project is for potential investors. The SIMEX platform also attracts a wide community of consumers who may be a part of your target audience. Many consumers buy goods or services that are featured in investment projects. Time is often an essential element in investment decisions. The SIMEX platform allows you to quickly place your project online and target a wide group of investors; it also allows business owners to show their projects at private meetings. Crowd investing has another significant advantage. Private investors often dictate the terms of investments, as well as your business activities. Crowd investing gives business owners more freedom. Yes, you still need to meet investors’ expectations, but you can focus on your goals – while offering SIMEX investors monthly and quarterly progress reports!

Reliable financial transactions

The SIMEX digital assets exchange ensures reliable transactions both for the individuals searching for funds and investors. In the modern world, it is essential to quickly exchange data and information. And oftentimes, a reliable partner needed to be involved in this process – to guarantee the financial transaction. The existence of this partner can significantly improve investment efficiency and also attract a wide range of global investors. SIMEX ensures that your investment partners will be able to fully evaluate your project, no matter where they are. SIMEX also allows foreign investment. At the moment, for various reasons, there is an acute shortage of foreign investment in Russia. All transactions that are carried out on the SIMEX platform protect both investors and the party launching the project, guaranteeing that they do not need to resort to "gray" schemes.

Key features

Unlike bank loans, which often come with onerous interest rates and rigid requirements (even for relatively small sums), individuals and businesses seeking investments on the SIMEX digital assets exchange are able to set their own terms.

You set:

  • How much money you need;
  • The investment terms/conditions;
  • The return on the investment;
  • The percentage of profits that will be returned as dividends;
  • Dividend payments through the SIMEX platform;
  • Any potential agency fees;
  • The ability to repurchase investment shares;

Transferring funds

Investments raised through the SIMEX digital assets exchange will be transferred to your account immediately after all of the funds that your project requested are received. To learn more about how to attract investment on the SIMEX platform, please speak to our managers.