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Sep 27, 2018


Bananacoin, an international project aiming to tie an agro-business to a Blockchain, announces the listing of the Bananacoin tokens (BCO) on SIMEX digital exchange.

Bananacoin has been successfully producing and selling bananas in Laos for over than 3 years. The company specializes in the cultivation of Lady Finger, a 12.5 cm long banana. The target market is China where the demand for Lady Finger is higher than a supply and the consumption is growing.

Now, the company aims to revolutionize the banana farming industry and implement the new business model, including selling the Ethereum-based tokens. The BCO token price is backed by the commodity value of 1 kg of bananas produced by the company. The BCO tokens are expected to increase in value due to the rise in sales volume and positive banana price dynamics.

Token holders will be able to exchange BCOs for Lady Finger bananas or receive an equivalent monetary compensation based on the export price.

Find more details about the Bananacoin Project on the official website or download the Bananacoin White Paper

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