Bantuan SIMEX




SMX Token allows you to reduce the commissions when trading on the SIMEX Exchange depending on the balance of the user's account*:

  • 1 000 SMX: 0.1% Maker / 0.15% Taker.
  • 5 000 SMX: 0.05% Maker / 0.1% Taker.
  • 10 000 SMX: 0% Maker / 0% Taker.

SMX Token does not give an opportunity to receive dividends from the profit of the company, in contrast to the preferred shares.

*You need just to keep chosen amount of SMX on the balance and you will get better trading comissions. We will not burn SMX for comissions. All your tokens belongs to you and could be exchanged into preferred shares.


SMX Token can be exchanged at any time for the preferred share of SIMEX Corporation obtaining all the privileges inherent in the preferred stock.

Whenever you buy SMX tokens we reserve equal amount of preffered shares for you.

The right to receive dividends on a preferred shares is given on condition that the share is held by the shareholder for at least 90 calendar days before dividends payout.

1 preferred share can be exchanged into 1 common share when market price of the company's common shares reach $40 on US public trades. Dividend Rate per share of Series B Preferred Stock means the product 1/10,000,000 times four tenths of the net after-tax income, if any, of the Company for the calendar year corresponding to the Dividend Period.


Token gives the right to have discounts when buying any products and services purchased on the platform based on the calculation of the non-decreasing balance on the user's account.

  • 100 tokens: 3% paying with SMX tokens.
  • 1000 tokens: 5% paying with SMX tokens.
  • 10 000 tokens: 10% paying with SMX tokens.


To by SMX token you can in the personal cabinet in the section "SIMEX token".  Token price is 1 USD. The minimum purchase is 200 SMX.