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Genius Real Estate Fund Inc.

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Raised: 303 510
Token Price: 3
Investors: 13

By means of this project we would like to present any real estate not only as an investment product, which it has been at all times and in all periods of human activity, but also to make it liquid and available for all investors all over the world like and along with shares of companies on the stock market.

We believe it would have been an amazing to become a co-owner of the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower or many others properties if all these assets would have been tokenized and they would become available for the mass investments for everyone and anywhere in the world.

As of today, Genius Real Estate Fund presents the grocery and food retail real estate such as MacDonalds, Burger King, shopping areas for children’s goods with the annual average yield of 8%.

Our goal is to increase the volume of investments in real estate, to make it more liquid for investors, more conservative, to bring more stable income that higher than any bank interest.

Real Estate is your stability at all times!

Join us now!

Purpose of Investments

The purpose of investments is to increase the volume of real estate acquisition with the minimal annual yield of 8 % in the US dollars.

There are no geographical preferences as of real estate locations although such things like possible country risks, expecting inflation, general investment environmental situation of hosting country will be considered.

The Investment purpose is not only to preserve the capital by keeping it in one of reliable real estate but to increase the profitability by optimizing management and through the liquidity and working capital turnover.

Finance Plan

The Fund has issued 80 million preferred shares at a price of 20 US dollars per share.

The yield per share is calculated as 40 % of profit that the Fund receives from owning and managing the real estate and the remaining 60% is reinvested in the paid and capital of the Fund for further real estate acquisitions.

Investors could purchase both preferred shares and tokens of the Fund. The tokens are issued at the rate of 1000 tokens to 1 square meter of the existing real estate.

The token and the share are mutually convertible and based on the market price of the token on SIMEX exchange platform.

The owners of token are equally entitled to receive dividends.

The Fund might have some administrative expenses and they will be calculated as the commission in favor to the management companies if there are any. In case of other ownership scenario it is assumed that all the expenses will not exceed the total cost allowing to receive in favor to investors no less than 8% per annum.

The income part will be formed from the rent payments, turnover of tokens on the SIMEX exchange platform, the percentage from the placement of real estate on the SIMEX exchange platform as a part of token-sale for all types of real estate managed by the Fund (GREF).

The yield on the listed token on SIMEX exchange platform as of today is approximately 10% per annum because the average yield per one square meter per year is 300 US dollars. The current price of the token is 3 US dollars.


The structure of the corporation:

Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of the Directors of the Fund, they present the geographical locations of the owned or managed real estate of the Fund. All strategic goals of the development, the acquisition of real estate, the purchasing of managing companies, the approval of annual budget, the appointment /election of the Directors and President, opening of branches and subsidiaries are within the scope of the Board of Directors competence.

President. President is subordinate to the Board of Directors and responsible for the general operating activities of the Fund according to the development plans approved by the Board of Directors.

Market and Competitors

The market for tokenized real estate is very young and new today. There are a number of companies on the market that announced and have similar strategies in issuing tokens that provide investment resources for acquiring real estate.

The team of Genius Real Estate Fund has experience of more than 20 years in working on the US stock market as well as in the construction industry, real estate management and projects’ development. The combination of the knowledge and experience allowed us to present the most competitive investment product. It provides the profitability based on the existing real estate and it is a very good dividend product for conservative investors. Undoubtedly, the process of real estate tokenization increases the liquidity and by means of that gives attractiveness to speculative capital. The high dividend yield will attract some institutional investors. The main competitors are real estate funds of stock market – REIT. The tokenized real estate costs less to manage and maintain and more available/convenient for investors than REIT (REIT is the product of broker dealers with brokerage account). The technological advantages of tokenized real estate from the point of view of investments attractiveness are very obvious.


The main risks are:

  • Regulation issues of the token circulation on exchanges by national regulators (such as the SEC in the United States).
  • Profit loss related to the economic crisis, economic decline of those countries where real estate is located, and as a result the fall in rental payments or their full termination.
  • General competition on the real estate market and the inability to make a deal in a given period due to the lack of real estate that meets the investment criteria.

The Fund has issued the tokens equal to 15 million US dollars based on the owned and managed real estate that provides the profitability of the issued tokens.

The considered real estate for the future acquisition, that meets the investment criteria of the Fund, is located in the United States, Russian Federation and the European Union.

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