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SIMEX Site Updated

Feb 25, 2016
Биржа инвестиций SIMEX. Краудфандинг. Краудинвестинг. Долевое инвестирование в проекты.
Dear partners!

Yesterday, on February 25, SIMEX platform website was updated:

• a number of views counter was added on the project page;
• social networks with counters were added on the project page;
• project column labels were added in the "Projects" section;
• new banners were added in the "Promotional Materials" section;
• "Company details" were divided into “Bank details” and “Company details” in the Company account;
• the contract of equity investment between the investor and the investee was renewed.

We are working to improve the quality of services and protection of your investment.

If you have noticed the discrepancy in the site functioning, please report it to the SIMEX technical support department (website@simex.bz).

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