Investment Opportunities

Investment methods

Equity investment platform SIMEX provides great opportunities for private and collective investment. Thanks to modern, simple and convenient service, everyone can make investments: a newcomer and an experienced investor. The main investment method — is online sale of investment shares of different projects placed on SIMEX platform. Due to the safe SIMEX interface, collective investments are also available. They allow investing small amount of money into desirable investment project. Now, most people got the opportunity to make investments via SIMEX. Small investments in projects are the first steps towards reliable future and passive income. Investment of funds via SIMEX is a simple and safe investment.

Accrual of dividends

All investment shares, offered by various investment projects, accrue dividends. Accrual of dividends is carried out due to the company profit after the project implementation, specified in the investment conditions. The dividend amount varies and depends on the investment project. Traditionally, it is a fixed percentage of profits chargeable on the amount of your investment shares. On average, investment projects are ready to give from 24%% to 65%% of the company net profit. Dividend rate depends on the project development stage, risk ratios and the expected profitability. The rate is indicated in the description of the investment project and is specified by the company itself while placement on SIMEX digital assets exchange.

Buyback of investment shares

Investment project can start to buy back its investment shares that have been sold. Buyback is carried out at a fixed price, which is usually higher than the initial price. It allows investors of the project to take profit from selling their investment shares back to the company. Usually, it occurs after the completion of investment collection is finished and income is received by the company itself. The difference in price is paid by the company from its share of the profit received from the project. Price of buyback of investment shares is specified by the company itself. Possibility of buyback of shares by the company is specified in the investment conditions during project launch on SIMEX digital assets exchange.

Source of additional income

The unique advantage of SIMEX in comparison with the other digital assets exchange is the possibility of resell of investments on the secondary market. If for some reasons you want to return your investments before the project launch or to get more income during the project peak, you can sell your investment shares on the secondary market. Secondary trading of investment shares allows investors to minimize investment risks. In the same time, the successful trading of investment shares allows obtaining of additional income and makes the investment of funds on SIMEX platform profitable.


If the investment project has not collected the specified amount for its launch, the investments return to investors financial accounts except the commission of SIMEX platform.

Commission of deposits

It should also be noted that SIMEX digital assets exchange always meets customers demands, thus, the platform deposits commission is only 0,1%.

Profitable investments on SIMEX — guarantee a right choice!