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Manufacture and R&D of medicine drugs.


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1 074 160 USD 34 shareholder's
5.37% of 20 000 000 USD Fully completed

With this project, we invite interested investors to participate in the subscription with high profitability. This company is a well-established business that occupies a leading position in its industry.

The company is in the process of completing the procedure of entering the stock market using PIPE and complete the entire process by the end of the year.
All shareholders of the company will be entered in the register of the company's transfer agent and will receive an electronic certificate. Repurchase at a premium of 30% will be made one year after the placement of the company, in accordance with the regulation of the SEC.

Basic information about the project:

The main asset of the company is a subsidiary company in Russia, a CJSC "Bryntsalov-A"

1. Purpose of the issuer creation (if any), main types of economic activity.

The purpose of the issuer creation is to ensure the satisfaction of the population’s needs for medicinal products. The main activities are production and marketing of medicines, maintenance of own scientific developments, their subsequent implementation, production on the basis of own developments and sales organization.

Currently, the company is actively implementing a program for creation of a modern production of a full range of anti-tuberculosis medicines. In addition to the anti-tuberculosis medicines, CJSC "Bryntsalov-A" has a number of successful developments. These include patented effective medicines for cardiovascular diseases therapy.

Paying great attention to innovative developments, CJSC "Bryntsalov-A" continues developing its traditional direction - antibiotics production.

The company also produces anticoagulants and coagulants, analgesics, antitumor drugs, chondroprotectors, vitamins and vitamin-like remedies.

CJSC "Bryntsalov-A" produces more than 100 names of medicines. Priority directions of the assortment development are the following groups of drugs: antituberculous drugs, painkillers, vitamins, preparations from a number of chondroprotectors. In 2013, the issuer entered a program to improve production efficiency, one of the main factors of which was the transfer of production facilities in the city Elektrogorsk. This program was implemented in 2 years and its advantages are obvious. This program contributed to a significant reduction in current costs to conduct of economic activity, which allowed the release of funds for the development of new laboratories, the registration of new medicines and the promotion of commercial sales. The issuer's management evaluates the issuer's activity as successful and fully consistent with the development trends of the industry and the market. The tendency of preserving positive factors and circumstances for the enterprise is ensured by the strengthening of the state's social policy towards a significant improvement in the provision of medicines to the citizens of the Russian Federation and import substitution programs. The company continuously increases its production of drugs from the strategically important medicines list, and also develops new drugs within the framework of the Federal Target Program "Pharma-2020". 


2. For the purposes of this paragraph, the market capitalization of the issuer is determined by the value of net assets. The calculation of the net assets value was made according to the procedure determined by the order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation dated 28.08.2014 No 84н, ON THE APPROVAL OF THE PROCEDURE FOR DETERMINING OF NET ASSETS VALUE:

Market capitalization of the issuer as of 31.03.2016 was 8 763 758 thousand RUB

Market capitalization of the issuer as of 31.12.2015 was 9 089 114 thousand RUB

Market capitalization of the issuer as of 31.12.2014 was 1 119 269 thousand RUB

Market capitalization of the issuer as of 31.12.2013 was 1 336 533 thousand RUB

Market capitalization of the issuer as of 31.12.2012 was 1 479 898 thousand RUB

Market capitalization of the issuer as of 31.12.2011 was 1 511 294 thousand RUB 

3. The principal markets where the issuer carries out its activities are as follows:

Moscow, Moscow Region, Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg, Tula, Rostov-on-Don, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Bryansk, Orel, Izhevsk and other regions. 

4. The prospects of development of CJSC "Bryntsalov-A" depend directly on prospects of economic development of Russia. The plans of CJSC "Bryntsalov-A" for 2017-2018 are as follows:

     1.   Increase in sales;

     2.   Expansion and optimization of product grid and optimization of logistics and transactions within the foreign   economic activities;

     3.   Improvement of management quality, business processes automation, intensive personnel, training, KPI implementation;

     4.  Improvement of quality of cooperation with the clients, implementation of CRM system; 

     5.  Improvement of corporate management quality, increase in control;  

     6.  Attraction of strategic investors and company’s value creation;

     7.  Transfer into the public company and carve-out for further possible public offer by the issuer on the stock exchange. 

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Amount to be posted 20000000 USD
Share amount 2000000 BRPH
Cost per share 10 USD
Shares remaining 1892584 BRPH
Market premium 30 %
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Bonus amount 0 USD
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