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Projects List Kazakhstan Jade Project

Kazakhstan Jade Project

Operating Jadeite mine with potential for multiple returns on investment.

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Please read our Memorandum

Investment opportunity to own part of one of the world's largest deposits of jadeite located in Southern Kazakhstan, in close proximity to Chinese border  


Purpose of Investments

Please read our Project Presentation and Jade interior designs Presentation

Products will be initially be large blocks of jadeite exported to China and elsewhere and then cut and polished to create architectural luxury products, sculptures and ornaments.

Specific products are wall features, tiles, mosaics and luxury household pieces, furniture, large jewelry and artistic pieces for 7 star hotels, offices, and ultra-high end private residences. 



Finance Plan

Please read our Project Presentation for full information

Uses of Funds - page 4; 

Financial Projections - page 5

Projected life of mine cash EBITDA (earnings before income tax depreciation and amortization) is US 2.4 Billion dollars and projected after tax NPV (net present value ten) is US 1.1 Billion dollars.

No guarantee of financial performance can be given by the company but these projections have been prepared from mine operating data by industry financial professionals.



Kevin A. Foo - President and CEO. Over 40 years of experience in mining including 30 years in Kazakhstan. See full BIO in the attached documents.  Kevin A. Foo BIO 

Maximillian Denning
- Finance Director. Extensive banking and financial background. 9 years of experience in mining sector mainly in commercial finance, management consultancy and project delivery. He is a Director of Brazil Tungsten Holdings Ltd and Managing Director of Carter Denning Consultancy Ltd. He has previously held positions as General Manager Commercial Finance for Pan African Minerals Ltd.

Keiran Edmunds - Chief Geologist. 25 years of experience in mining industry including 12 years in Kazakhstan. Keiran Edmunds BIO

John Strafford - General Manager of Bar Neo LLP and Head of Administration in Kazakhstan. He has 20 year career in mining and oil and gas financing in Kazakhstan and is based in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

James A. Foo - Head of Marketing in China. Responsible for assessing and developing the jade market in China and identifying large luxury stone market uses of jadeite.

Anatoly Ishutin - Project Manager. 20 years of experience in manufacturing, mining and construction. He is responsible for development of the project in Kazakhstan.

Gia Noortas - VP Sales, North America. Over 20 years of business experience in resources sector, film production both in Kazakhstan and the US. Strong background in public and government relations.  Gia Noortas BIO

Linda Achan is Marketing Consultant to JRL and is based in London. Linda is experienced in devising and implementing international business growth strategy in technology infrastructure (copper/fiber) at Honeywell, natural resources, energy and finance.  She is responsible for supporting the commercial direction of the company.

Market and Competitors

Nobody can compete with Jade Resources Limited in supply of large pieces of jadeite for architectural and luxury stone uses as Burmese material is small and is mainly alluvial rocks typically no more than 500kg in size. 

Our jadeite blocks are up to 30 tonnes. For more information please see our presentation.

See Global Witness Report on Burmese jade industry


All mining projects have inherent risks of not meeting production or quality targets, over runs in capital expenditure and in operating costs. The extensive experience of the Jade Resources management team and their proven record in Kazakhstan and Russia substantially mitigates that risk.

In addition the company may face marketing and price risk where pricing assumptions and revenue projections are impacted because of turn downs in economy and lesser demands for luxury items.

All international companies operating in the mining sector face political risks from host Government where additional taxes and duties can be applied that impact margins. Bureaucratic interference and delays in approvals of plans can often be encountered but our management team is well respected in Kazakhstan and is used to dealing professionally with Ministers at the highest level.

Any or all of these risks could result in investors losing some or all of their investment.


Investors have an opportunity to have direct ownership share in one of the world's largest and unique Jade mines. Mining and production is already underway and initial sales have been made into the Chinese market.

A US 10 (ten) million dollars investment will deliver 10% (ten percent) ownership in the company and ensure that production levels of jadeite reach 6,000 (six thousand) tonnes per year and at expected minimum sales prices of US 17 (seventeen) dollars per kilogram and annual gross revenues in excess of US 100 (one hundred) million dollars.

The Jade mine's life at 12,000 (twelve thousand) tonnes per year production and over US 200 (two hundred) million dollars per year revenue is 14 (fourteen) years.

Projected life of mine cash EBITDA (earnings before income tax depreciation and amortization) is US 2.4 Billion dollars and projected after tax NPV (net present value ten) is US 1.1 Billion dollars. 


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