A Farmer’s Market in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev now offers its patrons the ability to buy their fruits and vegetables with Bitcoin BCH and other cryptocurrencies. The Bessarabian market is testing a project with crypto payment processor Paytomat that allows users to pay for a variety of products using one of the 11 supported cryptocurrencies. It’s another example of the continued advance of digital currency as a legitimate alternative to fiat.

According to Paytomat’s operational director, Aleksandr Kurinnoi, “At the moment this feature is working in test mode at a single vendor. With the help of a cryptocurrency wallet app customer can scan QR-code. After this, the customer is automatically transferred to the cryptocurrency converter page where he needs to enter the purchase price in hryvnias. Next, the customer transfers payment to merchant’s wallet in cryptocurrency of their choice and after the merchant gets a notification of funds being received, this transaction comes to a logical conclusion.”

The pilot program settled on the Bessarabian market due to its popularity. Kurinnoi explained, “The main idea is the symbiosis of traditions and innovations. We chose [the] Bessarabian market because it is a well-known tourist attraction and cryptocurrencies are a universal payment tool in any country.”

Cryptocurrency regulation in the Ukraine is approaching quickly. It still isn’t ready to be accepted as a recognized legal tender, but the more it is accepted as a fiat alternative, the better its chances are of mainstream adoption.

Source & full article: Coingeek