SIMEX Administration, following the wishes of investors, discloses the mechanism for verifying the projects coming to the platform.

Credit check of new projects of the platform began with a questionnaire survey for the project leader in the process of which they consent to the processing of personal data. Furthermore, based on the data from the questionnaire and the submitted documents, a check is conducted on open and closed databases, namely: through the registration of legal entities and entrepreneurs, FSSP, a single federal register of bankruptcy data, FMS, and a file of arbitration cases. The company is checked for participation in tenders, the credit history of the initiators of the project is studied both in the BCH and in the stationary bases of individual commercial banks. We perform a background check for all individuals participating in the project.
 The obtained results are considered in the context of the general consistency and competent justification of the financial plan of the project itself.
Crowdinvesting is so to speak an antipode of typical bank loans and credit. Thus, it demands more flexibility and individual approach. We greatly appreciate it when entrepreneurs are honest with us and tell us about their flaws. We take into account that people face hardships and challenges in personal life as well as in business. In some cases, we are still open to a new project. On the other hand, if any kind of fraud is detected, no further discussion of any business relationships will take place. 
We also use a credit score to evaluate the potential risks of new projects. 
Dear Investors, the final word regarding potentially beneficial projects, rests with you. We urge all investors to show maximum initiative. We, in turn, constantly improve the way to gather more information. It is very important for us to gather maximum information regarding the project as well as to disclose this information with investors.

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