We invite you to the webinar Татьяна Орлова, 03.05.2017
We invite you to the webinar

Today, on the May, 4th, at 8 PM (Moscow Time) we invite you to the webinar with "Miranda AST" Project Manager.

Project goal is to launch at a time 5 commercially viable sport products on Amazon.com for sales in USA and Canada with the future increase of sales through an integrated optimization of listings of these products as well as retention these goods as top released stocks on main keywords. With monthly dividends as high as 40%!

Director Oleg Khristoyev will talk about the details of the perspectives of the project and will answer all the questions. 

There is a fundraising for the creating of 5 samples of the products, order and delivery of 5 shipments (5000 items) as well as creation and optimization of the listing and PPC.

Link to the webinar:  https://go.myownconference.ru/...

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