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First certificates for SIMEX Inc preference shares

Mar 14, 2016
Биржа инвестиций SIMEX. Краудфандинг. Краудинвестинг. Долевое инвестирование в проекты.
Dear colleagues!

Just a few days ago the first certificates for SIMEX Inc preferred shares came. Congratulations to the investors that will receive their certificates in the nearest future (a copy will be sent electronically for review, the original certificate will be mailed).

The procedure of transferring of investment shares into the SIMEX corporation stocks has been practically completed, the presentation of certificates to all shareholders residing in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad will follow.

If you want to become a shareholder of SIMEX Inc, you can make a request in the appropriate section of your personal account. For any questions or suggestions, please e-mail to admin@simex.bz

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