Project "Renaissance dry cleaning" restart Татьяна Орлова, 11.07.2017
Project "Renaissance dry cleaning" restart

We present to you the project RENAISSANCE - dry cleaning in the style of McDonald's.

Point of the project: an organization of dry cleaners with equipment of its own production.

It will be located in the heart of Moscow, in the business quarter "Novospassky", and will serve both the tenants of this complex and the tenants of 2 other business centers adjacent to the territory of the quarter. The total number of people working in this area is 50,000 people!

  • Loan amount: 1 500 000 RUB
  • Cost per share: 100 RUB
  • Target profit: 1 300 000 RUB
  • Payment interval: 2 months
  • Revenue percentage: 50%
  • Implementation period: 2 months

In addition to interest on the loan, an additional premium of 10% of the invested amount will be paid by the project directors.

"With your participation, RENAISSANCE will be able to reach the level of a federal dry cleaning network in a few years, the services of which will be accessible to everyone. Also, together with you, we will create new jobs that will definitely not interfere with our country during the sanctions."

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