The project #FLYFORFREE is up for fundraising on the crowd-investing platform SIMEX. #FLYFORFREE is the first service in the world that allows people to literally fly for free! It is a cross-marketing tool that will detach the competition and increase sales.

The project has only been running for several months, but is already subject to news stories on НТВ and РБК. Contracts are being concluded with market leaders. End users fly for free.

  • Loan amount: 3 000 000 RUB
  • Cost per share: 100 RUB
  • Target profit: 1 500 000 RUB
  • Payment interval: 3 months
  • Revenue percentage: 30%
  • Implementation period: 12 months

Support the Russian project #FLYFORFREE and become part of history, with the creation of the first online airline in which people fly for free.

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