Our new project "BRYNTSALOV PHARMACEUTICS INC" Татьяна Орлова, 23.05.2017

Dear Investors,

Please be informed of the beginning of a fundraising for our new project  "BRYNTSALOV PHARMACEUTICS INC" on the crowd investing platform SIMEX. 

The company is in the process of going public on the US market. 

The core asset of the company is a well-known ZAO "Bryntsalov" which is one of the main pharmaceutical giants of Russia.

The management of the company assigns a market premium of 30% of the investment amount which is a unique investment opportunity offered by the SIMEX platform. 

The procedure of stock purchasing as well as becoming a shareholder of BRYNTSALOV PHARMACEUTICS INC. is being performed in full compliance with international standards. 

All shareholders are to be listed in the "Pacific Stock Transfer" register and to be issued an electronic certificate.

At the moment the company is in the process of IPO.

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