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A new charity project on SIMEX platform

Feb 16, 2016
Биржа инвестиций SIMEX. Краудфандинг. Краудинвестинг. Долевое инвестирование в проекты.
Dear investors!

A new charity project «I’m growing with the sport» has begun fundraising on SIMEX crowdinvesting platform.

The project’s aims at familiarizing the orphans, living in orphanages across Russia, with a national sambo.

The project's objective is to equip and open the professional wrestling halls on the basis of orphanages and boarding schools throughout Russia.

The project’s mission is to bring up true patriots and champions for the future, and most importantly, to give the children a good example and to direct them to the sport.

You cannot expect that a new generation of Russia will be brought up by itself. We should help to direct and form the strong, strong-willed people who will in 5-10 years become our surrounding.

Let’s help to equip and open a gym in the orphanage city of Moscow!

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