Dear investors!

Today, on July 5, dividends were accrued to the investors of “WOLKA” and “Sport for rent” investment projects.

«WOLKA» project dividends split:

  • Dividends amount: 76 831.34 RUB
  • Number of shares: 20852 WLK
  • Amount of dividends per share: 3.6846 RUB
  • Dividend’s rate: 4.0940%

Биржа инвестиций SIMEX. Краудфандинг. Краудинвестинг. Долевое инвестирование в проекты.
«Sport for rent» first dividends split:

  • Dividends amount: 55 160.00 RUB
  • Number of shares: 6203 DOS
  • Amount of dividends per share: 8.8924 RUB
  • Dividend’s rate: 4.4462%
Congratulations to the investors of the projects!
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