What is Account Verification for?

Account verification is an obligatory requirement to register with SIMEX. Completing all the verification stages is necessary for the following reasons:

  • the changes in Russian Federal Law "Of Personal Information" dated July 1st 2017;
  • improving financial transactions security;
  • having an account access recovery option.

General Document Requirements

To successfully verify your account your documents must fit the following requirements:

  • only valid passports or a national ID cards are accepted
  • the document's information must be written in Cyrillic or Latin alphabet;
  • the scan should be high quality and in color;
  • no extraneous objects or writing within the scan area;
  • document cropping is not allowed, all four corners of the document should be visible;
  • all the data on the scan or the photo should be clearly readable

Low quality and / or low resolution document scans or photos will be declined.

Important: all scans or photos of your documents should be made from their originals.

Profile Verification

Complete all the necessary registration fields and submit one of the following documents used to verify your ID:

  • National Passport (front page)
  • International Passport (front page)
  • National ID Card (Front and back pages)

Submitted passport or ID card must have the following information:

  1. The Country issuing the document
  2. Serial Number
  3. Full Name of the holder
  4. Issue date
  5. Expiration date

Address Verification

Provide the address of your residence and attach one of the following documents to verify it:

  • Reference from your bank;
  • Utility Bills;
  • A document issued by a local governing body;
  • Tax documents, etc

Attached document verifying your address must be no older than 3 months and it must include your full name and address.

Important: a passport's page including residency address will not be accepted.

If you lack any document confirming your address, attach a photo of yourself holding a passport with the residency page visible in the frame in one hand and a note saying SIMEX with a date the picture was taken under it. The photo must have your face and passport information clearly visible.

Bank Details Verification

Specify your current active bank details.

Note: bank details and means of withdrawing funds are in no way connected.

Company Verification

If you want to invest as a legal entity you must complete an additional moderation stage titled "Company". The company must be registered under your name.

Verifying documents required:

  • Document confirming company registration;
  • Business licenses;
  • Constituent documents.

Declined Verification

After fulfilling all document requirements and correctly filling out your information a moderator will verify your account.

If some of the requirements were not met a moderator will decline your account verification and provide a note stating the reason. Moderator's messages are displayed in the top of the "Verification" page.

Address the issues noted by a moderator and make a new verification submission attempt.