Placing Orders to buy / sell shares

Orders are inquiries from an investor to buy or sell shares.

An order created by you will be fulfilled as soon as its coupled with a appropriate counter order of the same price specified by you or more profitable.

If there is no appropriate counter order to fulfill the one created by you but there is a counter order that is capable of partially fulfilling it then your order will be partially completed and the remaining portion of it will stay active in the stock trade awaiting an appropriate counter order to be fulfilled.

How to cancel a trading order

You may cancel your order in the "Orders" tab in your profile and clicking on the red cross symbol.

Trade Statistics

The Stock Exchange statistic is open and displayed in numerical values and quotation graphs. All data shifts and alterations are displayed as occurring in real time. The general trading history and overall statistic is displayed for the last 24 hours.

How to list your token on SIMEX

Listed below are the minimal requirements for inclusion of your token to the SIMEX platform.

  1. Complete your personal account KYC SIMEX: https: // ...
  2. Add token for a verification: https: // ...
  3. Prepare any additional information that may be required for token verification.
  4. Begin trading.
  5. In a case of your token not having a daily trading volume within 1 month your token may be removed from the platform

Token listing agreed with the project individually.

Market and Limit orders

  Market orders you make in real time to buy / sell an asset, which is sent to the order book instantly and the order is executed at the current market bid or ask price.

  Limit orders you create to buy/sell an asset, which has a fixed price settled by yourself so your order appears in an order book.