Token Sale commissions rate

Token Sale commissions rate

Commission rate depends of fundraising final summ and have following grade: 

  • up to $ 1 million - 10%
  • from $ 1 million to $ 5 million - 8% (but not less than 100 thousand dollars)
  • from $ 5 million to $ 20 million - 6% (but not less than 400 thousand dollars)
  • from $ 20 million to $ 50 million - 4% (but not less than $ 1.2 million)
  • over $ 50 million - 2% (but not less than $ 2 million)


Basic Token Sale (IEO) procedure requirements: 

1. SIMEX  selects quality projects including Security tokens  worldwide and directly lists their trading pairs for public trading after IEO launch or after the offering is over, depending on the terms of the project;

2. SIMEX specifies listing commissions individually with every project. 

4. Projects that launch IEO through SIMEX can also plan marketing campaigns using our services*:

a) SIMEX Press Room (global distributions at Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq and other global financial media);

b) SIMEX Social media campaigns (FB,Twitter, Telegram, etc.);

c) Targeted traffic campaigns through affiliated partners, including CPA campaigns. 

*Marketing activities are subject to individual planning and expect to spend additional budget bedsides stated commissions.  

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