Simex cards

Transaction Fees

Funds will only be depleted only from POS / Online transactions or ATM withdrawals.


Card parameters specification



  • Limits subject to card holder’s due diligence.
  • KYC is necessary for full access to the bank issuer account limits (£4 per upgrade).

KYC Approved:

KYC Approved .png

Benefits of the premium prepaid card program

  • Increased spending limits – an option to upload up to 5,000 USD a day with unlimited max account balance
  • Accessibility – the card is easily obtained as it does not require a bank account, employment history or previous credit history because the card does not supply a credit line.
  • Ease of balance and transaction check – the card holder can check the balance and transaction history online at any time through a secure digital access to online management platform or via live 24/7 or through SMS
  • SIMEX customer may activate their card online and proceed with the activation procedure by providing their card number and CVV code for the card activation by the system

Card maintenance fee is $20 annually. If your average annual card balance is $1,500 or above you are not required to pay the annual maintenance fees.

The SIMEX Prepaid Card Program is facilitated by CreditCard Solutions UK Ltd ( CreditCard Solutions UK Ltd (CCS Prepay) is registered in England & Wales | Registration Number: 05394395.