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Online International investing platform. Invest alongside the professionals and beginners from as little as $10 in start-up, early stage and growth businesses.

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189 732 USD

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27 326 investors

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SIMEX priorities

SIMEX is a digital assets exchange for both accredited and non-accredited investors. Platform participants evaluate investments based on weighted E-Voting. The more experienced, successful investors’ votes have more weight than less experienced participants. SIMEX provides a primary selection and by E-voting best offers are chosen and funded by investors and experts of TOP100 Ranking. The platform also provides a secondary market giving liquidity to the initial investors.

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Join SIMEX Community that selects the most successful projects for investment due to the crowd expertise and online projects rating. Grow with SIMEX and improve your rankings to become TOP100 Investor. Improve your financial grammar to become more successful. Invest among professional investors and beginners to master you skills. Use SIMEX affiliate programs to increase your monthly income.

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SIMEX provides a multifunctional platform for both parties: potential investors and entrepreneurs with well elaborated business projects. If you are ready to grow and expand your business or promising startup and need money, you can prove your sustainability and liquidity then SIMEX is the best way to get funded. Online investors can become more than just money, passionate them to become your followers and customers. Build your audience to support your incredible idea.

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Platform features

Anyone can become an investor for just $10

Integrated E-signature system for investors

Powerful compliance and syndication tools

SIMEX Inbuilt Secondary Market

PIPE and Go To Public placement is available

Extended SSL Certificate - 256 bit encryption

Alternative choice

SIMEX empowers alternative investments that may generate profits incomparable to bank deposits. It is an online platform that is capable to attract investments for any kind of business ideas, as well as handle PIPE and Go To Public deals remotely. Small and medium-sized businesses, public and private investors, business incubators, startup-owners, private companies choose SIMEX round the world. Make your choice today and join SIMEX online to become an expert and successful investor.

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Each project on SIMEX is performed with online indicators displayed on its page: the number of investors, progress bar, the interest rate, project rating, latest comments and news, time and date of launch, affiliate program terms and much more. It has everything you need to make an informed investment decision.

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SIMEX's interface SIMEX's interface
SIMEX's interface SIMEX's interface


Our geography is truly global, with accredited and non-accredited investors and entrepreneurs from different countries around the world which you can see on the map we all share the belief that the future of finance and decentralized networks will look different from now.

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