Purchase of cryptocurrency for a deposit to receive interest income from arbitrage operations.

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Currently, most of the holders of bitcoin, as well as other major currencies, store them in cold wallets. According to various estimates, less than 10% of the total number of bitcoins in circulation are stored on exchanges. At the same time, the turnover of the top ten cryptocurrencies in daily terms exceeds one hundred billion US dollars.
At the same time, the revenues of exchanges, calculated in commissions from trading operations of traders, amount to billions of dollars. This is with the growing value of the cryptocurrencies themselves.
Our task is to create a tool that allows using the peculiarities of the cryptocurrency market, which is characterized by high liquidity and the ability to generate additional income by dividing the income from arbitration activities in favor of passive cryptocurrency holders.
This instrument is the BELT Coin, named after the first major cryptocurrencies that were actively spread at the dawn of the cryptoindustry - BTC, ETH, LTC and backed by these cryptocurrencies in a proportion of 40-30-30 percent, respectively, in the "currency basket".
These currencies were also chosen because they allow the most efficient use of arbitrage in obtaining additional income, in addition to income from the market value of the cryptocurrency itself, which can be either positive or negative at certain time intervals.
The purchase of this token will allow you to receive income from arbitrage trading on a regular basis, which is implemented through the Alpha-Profit technology, which has proven its effectiveness over the past two years.

Tujuan Pelaburan

The purpose of the investment is to get a token, which is a "basket" of cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC. Regardless of the market price of these cryptocurrencies, it has the property of being filled with additional value from the profit received as a result of the trading activity of traders on various exchange platforms such as Coinbase, Bittrex, Binance.US, Kraken, as well as as a result of arbitrage transactions conducted by robots, developed by the development division of SIMEX Group Inc., SIMEX Inc. The work of robots allows you to control trading operations on the aforementioned crypto exchanges.

Pelan Kewangan

BELT Coin is an ERC20 token. The number of tokens is controlled solely by the amount of funds that ensure the emission of tokens on the market. All cash and cryptocurrency funds received from investors are fully spent on deposits of robots, which provide arbitrage transactions on crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Bittrex, Binanse.US, Kraken.
Token holders have the opportunity to unconditionally sell and buy tokens they have available on the SIMEX trading platform.
Upon reaching a significant number of holders (more than 100 thousand people), the token will be put up for auction on other trading platforms.
The token price will be determined by the market prices of the cryptocurrency included in it, taking into account the additional profitability from arbitrage trading.


This project does not need classical operational management, since the entire business model of the project is built exclusively on the market values ​​of cryptocurrencies and the operation of the hardware and software complex of the Alfa-Profit technology.
Nevertheless, our investors, in our deep conviction, should have the possibility of direct contact with responsible people in one or another geolocation. Those will be appointed in the course of increasing the number of holders and understanding the geolocation of our investors.
We welcome the creation of initiative groups that could take control over the promotion of this token and monitor the development of the project.

Pasaran dan Peserta

Today, the number of investment instruments based on various cryptocurrencies is very significant and difficult to count. Likewise, many cryptocurrencies and various tokens offer a procedure for depositing a given cryptocurrency or token, with the subsequent accrual of a certain percentage per unit of time.
Cryptocurrency used as collateral in a deposit, with interest accrued, similar to bank interest, is also a popular offer in the cryptocurrency market.
It will not be difficult for any user to find such a tool for himself, depending on his preferences and tastes.


All risks using cryptocurrency as an investment instrument are usually associated with the market rates of the cryptocurrency itself.
No one can guarantee that the value of the cryptocurrency will continue to grow. That is why BELT Coin covers some of these risks by adding value from arbitrage transactions. What makes it attractive from an investment point of view.


By creating BELT Coin, we were faced with the task of providing the market with a high-quality investment instrument that would provide an alternative to the classic currencies confirmed by inflation, which are constantly and continuously losing their value. Stock market instruments that depend on the human factor, although many of them, especially the shares of global companies, are very successful in protecting against inflation.
The main idea of ​​investing in this coin is that every passive holder of any asset, be it BTC, ETH, LTC or any currency like the US dollar or the euro, can have passive income from the activities of active traders trading on various crypto exchanges.

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